Day two January 14 2015

I am more relieved today than yesterday, even though I am busily ironing out chinks in the new website. It's almost a relief today that the darn thing is live.

We dithered for months over the functionality of the website as we needed to finally get all of our stock online - that was our main drive. Our first website went live in late 2003 and we've only changed software once since then - yes, once in 12 years! Suffice to say we knew our website was getting old in the tooth (much older than mutton). We needed something to sort the fabric just like our system does here - strange, I know, but true, and we were willing to wait and research to find the best fit. Those of you who have seen our set-up in Drysdale or here know what we are talking about...too much fabric! It was Shopify or BigCommerce? Grrr....decisions, decisions. It wasn't until chatting over a latte with the lovely Celeste from Geelong's own Natural Supply Co that I went with the website you see here. The 'Minimal' template doesn't need mucking around, twas free (bonus!) and I can add in other functionalities over the coming months - I can highly recommend it to any online biz out there. Oh - and if you LOVE natural beauty products without the chemical nasties and without them being tested on our sweet animals, I can highly recommed Cath and Celeste and their new business Natural Supply Co. They're local to the Geelong region, are passionate about their business and are keen to give as many of us gals the BEST product for our health as they can find. They're at