Phew - getting there January 16 2015

This new website has taken us off our feet. We knew our old one was clunky - but, gosh, these orders coming in thick and fast are telling us that it was DEFINITELY past it's use-by-date and customers are overjoyed at this new one. We have some customers who have shopped with us since our first website back in 2003 - gosh, I can't even remember the name of that template. I found it in the UK,  - it was one of the first ecommerce templates to be released and it was super popular in the media etc. I remember how long it took to upload and how I needed to constantly adjust the sizes of the photos. And then two years later I found a WAHM site - Work At Home Mothers - and that's the site that has kept us going since around 2007-2008. It had so much functionality for it's day - but, well, we're now some seven years later and technology is rapidly improving.

We've had some URL issues with Shopify and our domain host, but that should be sorted now. It's been some time on the electronic chatting thing sorting that out, so I haven't uploaded all of this fabric that's beside my computer. I am thrilled to finally get our collection up onto a website with the functionality we needed - I can't wait to show it to you all. Lots of functionality to add to the website, too - that will come in due course - no rush for that when these orders need to be posted Express...

Have a lovely weekend xx