First charm square listings are now live February 08 2015

As you can imagine - and as some of you have seen at Drysdale (ack - how embarrassing) we have an extensive remnant and off-cut collection spanning the 1880s onwards - yes, right up until the modern era. I never throw fabric out, no matter what the size, so I've got a whole room (from floor to ceiling) of divine remnants to upload. The remnants will be sold as fat quarters if they are that large - and then down to remnant or patchwork size.

The first 5" charm squares went live on the website tonight - just two little listings to start things off to give you a taste of what's ahead and to ease me in. Yep - that's right - all 5" charm squares are only 45c each, no matter if they are antique, vintage or modern. I wanted to be fair to vintage and modern quilters and crafters, so one price for all 5" squares it is!