New search functionality and listing information March 04 2015

We are always trying to improve ourselves - our business, our service, our fabrics, our price. Anything that we think can be improved we'll work on. That includes giving our customers as much information as possible about each fabric.


We have now added in a new search category into our main bar near the top of the website. You can now view fabrics by the amount we have left.

This is a main category, so as soon as you select the size of fabric you're after, you'll also then be able to select the specifics you want - whether that be colour, design style etc.



What we are also now including in our listings is the weight of the fabric per quantity. As you can see below, each quantity of this wool weighs 87g. This assists customers in working out exactly what fabric they want to ensure they get the best value for their shipping/postage buck. We need to retro-fit our listings with this information, but from now on we'll be adding it in.

That's all for now - but we're far from finished getting this website to exactly where we want it to be and how we want it to look. As we release new features we'll announce it here!