Mandatory insurance announcement May 07 2018

Hello fabric lovers

Just a little note to let you know we have made the decision to make insurance on all parcel orders compulsory.

This has added 75c on to Australian postage charges. International shipping costs will be announced shortly.

We have a parcel go missing last week, and even though it was found with a caring neighbour who wanted to keep the very important large parcel safe, it gave both us and the buyer conniptions until found.

With Australia Post's parcel volume increasing year-by-year (in fact, you can name any delivery service worldwide and they've all got increased deliveries), we thought it was better to be safe with your beautiful purchases rather than sorry for not being able to a) reimburse you if a parcel goes missing or b) reimburse you if any fabric is damaged during transit (this has never happened in almost 15 years of business).