6.5" scrap packs coming your way! July 26 2017

If you've followed Retro Age Vintage Fabrics for some time you would know we have done a small selection of scrap packs through the years - ranging from mid-century ones way back in 2008, right to the rainbow vintage sheeting packs we presented in 2016.

Now that our entire fabric inventory is out of storage we can get back to creating our scrap packs and they will shortly arrive on the website. Our first range has been produced with vintage sheeting, mostly from the 1970s. These packs are mostly purple colourway and our first release is the 6.5" scrap size. Each pack will have nine 6.5" squares, giving you around 50cm x 50cm of combined fabric.

Our vintage sheeting packs will just be one part of the range. We'll also have mid-century, retro, polished cotton or chintz, antique, barkcloth and modern. 

More to come.


Vintage sheeting charm square packs May 04 2016

Hello all

We're always busy behind the lines at Retro Age - even though we don't update ye olde blog so much these days. We have been selling some of our 5" vintage sheeting charm square packs directly on Instagram - they are soon to arrive to our website. Woohoo - high fiving each other after die cutting so many with all fingers intact.


First charm square listings are now live February 08 2015

As you can imagine - and as some of you have seen at Drysdale (ack - how embarrassing) we have an extensive remnant and off-cut collection spanning the 1880s onwards - yes, right up until the modern era. I never throw fabric out, no matter what the size, so I've got a whole room (from floor to ceiling) of divine remnants to upload. The remnants will be sold as fat quarters if they are that large - and then down to remnant or patchwork size.

The first 5" charm squares went live on the website tonight - just two little listings to start things off to give you a taste of what's ahead and to ease me in. Yep - that's right - all 5" charm squares are only 45c each, no matter if they are antique, vintage or modern. I wanted to be fair to vintage and modern quilters and crafters, so one price for all 5" squares it is!



Soothing time February 01 2015

Knowing I can now upload our entire collection to the website is quite daunting, as I know just how long it's going to take to get all of our pieces up on here. I'm having to remind myself to step back from the photographing/uploading cycle to just enjoy the fabrics. This is what I have been working on this weekend, apart from the usual family outings, coffee with friends, Queensland election watching and housework. I started to cut charm squares from our mountains of offcuts around six months ago, storing them in boxes as I went. I find it so relaxing and soothing to cut them. I used to sell packs on ebay years ago and had started to put some on the old website early last year, but I never added to our small online selection as sorting our remnant boxes (yes - those customers who have seen them recoil in shock and horror every time they see those boxes that fill ONE room) was a job I never got around to doing. Well, over these last school holidays I sorted all of them into colour, type or pattern. This weekend was a red weekend, as you can see. These fabrics range in age, from around the 1920s onwards.