LAST 1/2m: Vintage Fabric 1977 Texunion Chloe Light Weight Cotton 124cm wide


We currently have 1 in stock.

Fabric: vintage light weight cotton designed and manufactured by Texunion SA/Taco in 1977. The design is called Chloe. Interestingly the font is the same or very similar to the actual Chloe brand, so this may have been a collaboration? The last photo shows the entire piece.
Hand/Weight: slightly stiff, can hold its own weight
Fibre: light weight cotton
Era: 1977
Condition: unused, unwashed with a little thinning in the top/middle - the rest of it we have was kept in the Sun and this faded/thinned some of the fabric.
Size: this last piece is 124cm wide x 50cm long

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