19 LEFT: Antique Vintage Buttons New on Card 1930s Black Pressed Casein 2-Hole 23mm


We currently have 19 in stock.

Size: 23mm wide vintage 1930s or so
Material: black stamped/pressed casein - the underside is in relief. As I'm not a button collector I am still learning, but I am pretty sure these are casein.
Condition: new on card
Set: 1 button - price is per button, 21 buttons left on the card. Button will arrive still attached to the card.

We use Australian coins for size reference - 5c, 10c and 20c. We also provide a millimeter ruler for accurate sizing.

We are not button collectors, nor do we know a lot about them. Our drive is to keep as many of these beauties out of landfill. All of our buttons are sourced secondhand. Some are used, some are unused - some are very old (antique or vintage) and some are modern and new. There may be wear, tear and occasional discolouration, but if it's listed we consider the buttons still good enough to use and save from landfill. We'll list as much information as possible and provide close-up photos, but if you have further questions please don't hesitate to use the Contact Form or email vintagefabrics@gmail.com.

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