LAST PIECE: Modern cotton poly sheeting? with periwinkle blue base blue floral FQ+


We currently have 1 in stock.

Fabric: this piece had been pre-cut from something before we received it - I dare say from a king doona cover? It's a cotton poly blend with that blue colour that turns into purple in different light - like a periwinkle blue. All over blue and white floral. Slightly sheer when held to the light and with a crispy hand.
Condition: It feels and hands unused and unwashed, however there are some folded white lines that may come out with a wash. As the piece has some of these, we've priced it with them in mind and recommend this fabric for smaller projects such as bags etc.
Width: The fabric is 200cm wide edge to edge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the uncut fat quarter measuring 50cm wide x 50cm long.
Weight per purchase size: 22g

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut where possible.

One quantity: 50cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 100cm wide x 50cm long
Three quantities: 150cm wide x 50cm long
Four quantities: 200cm wide x 50cm long
Five quantities: 200cm wide x 50cm long plus one separate piece 50cm x 50cm
Six quantities: 200cm wide x 50cm long plus one separate piece 100cm x 50cm wide 
Eight quantities: 200cm wide x 100cm long

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