Modern Fabric Packs

Most of the fabrics on our website are sold by the uncut fat quarter. So what happens to smaller pieces that are perfect for smaller projects? You create fabric packs!

As a guide the packs will contain:

  • Fat 1/16th pack - fabrics measuring 22cm x 25cm (8" x 9"). Each pack will contain eight individual pieces measuring 88cm x 50cm collectively.
  • 6.5" charm square pack - fabrics measuring 6.5" square (16.5cm x 16.5cm). Each pack will contain nine individual pieces measuring 49cm x 49cm collectively.
  • 5" charm square pack - fabrics measuring 5" square (12.7cm x 12.7cm). Each pack will contain 16 individual pieces measuring 50cm x 50cm collectively.
  • Strip packs - will contain pieces measuring between 2cm-5cm high with various widths. The fabrics measure 50cm x 50cm collectively.
  • Scrap packs - will contain pieces that we deem very small or tiny, from 2cm x 2cm to 5cm x 10cm, for example - more details will be on each listing. Each of these packs measures 50cm x 50cm collectively.
  • Miscellaneous fabric packs - will contain irregular shaped pieces - more detail will be on each listing. These packs may also contain non-fabric items such as lace, trim, doilies etc. Each of these packs measures 50cm x 50cm once items are laid out.

Each listing will tell you fiber, weight of the fabric, size and the overall weight of the piece for postage.

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