TWO FAT QUARTERS LEFT : Vintage Fabric 1950s Antique Satin Drapery Rayon Tree w/ Gold Print Blend 50cm x 48cm


We currently have 2 in stock.

Fabric: this is known as 'antique satin'. It's a rayon blend manufactured in the 1950s for drapery and soft furnishings. It's a damask weave so the shiny areas on the front are matte on the underside. It has a fancy weave with a lovely shine. The overall colour is pale goldenrod (swatch in the photos) with the trees in white and gold over printing.
Hand: soft with the feel of starchiness, can't hold it's own weight as it's fluid even though it's a solid weave and a light to medium weight.
Fibre: rayon with acetate
Era: 1950s
Condition: these pieces are all we could save from yardage. It's unused, but stored terribly. Both edges of the fat quarter have water damage, but the tree motif doesn't, so that is still usable. A couple of the pieces are also slightly dusty in places.
Size: this piece measures around 50cm wide x 48cm long. The last photo shows most of the piece.
Weight: 50g

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