Vintage 1970s girls in a landscape trees birds cotton sheeting FQ+


Fabric: Vintage 1970s cotton sheeting featuring girls near a woodland.
Condition: Used, washed and faded, this was originally a doona cover we have pulled apart.
Width: The fabric is 114cm wide edge to edge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the best cut for the pattern repeat - please see the square photo as this shows one pattern repeat (second last photo). There is another repeat where the girls are in opposite positions. The closest we could get is a cut 57cm wide x 52cm long.
Weight per purchase size: 56g
Price: $2.50 per pattern repeat.

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut when you purchase an even quantity:

One quantity: 57cm wide x 52cm long
Two quantities: 114cm wide x 52cm long
Three quantities: 114cm wide x 52cm plus one separate piece 57cm x 52cm
Four quantities: 114cm wide x 104cm long

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