1m LEFT: Modern Fabric 2000s Large Purple Paisley Cotton Blend Poplin w/ Stretch


We currently have 2 in stock.

Fabric: usually I won't list modern sateens or light cottons that have stretch, but this was part of a bulk sale and the large scale purple paisleys just spoke to me. The paisleys are around 17cm high.
Hand/Weight: light weight with stretch and a tight weave - poplin weight, can hold its own weight,
Fibre: cotton blend with stretch.
Era: 2000s+
Condition: unused, washed.
Size: we are selling this fabric by the uncut half meter measuring 124cm wide x 50cm long.

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut (width x height):
One quantity: 124cm x 50cm
Two quantities: 124cm x 100cm

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