15 PATTERN REPEATS: Magnificent 1970s drapery large romantic floral on peacock blue


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Fabric: magnificent 1970s drapery weight cotton manufactured by JC Furnishings in the UK. The blue! Oh - this is all about that dark and mysterious peacock blue! And then, of course, that floral that is paying homage to the very best of Sanderson design. This is a drapery cotton gabardine and the blue is a mix of green/blue, not just a blue some monitors may show.
Condition: we have a whole bolt of this fabric listed as a 'strike-off' by the manufacturer. It took us a while to find out why, but the misspelling of 'furnishings' on the selvedge would have been enough to remove this bolt from retail. Unfortunately it has been kept on the bolt and the centre fold line is faded to a green. Therefore, we've cut the bolt into two halves and are selling it by the pattern repeat. Some pieces will have a greener fold line edge than others - up to about 1cm wide. There are also some deep creases due to being on a bolt for almost 50 years and the occasional small spot.
Width: The fabric is 58cm wide selvedge to edge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the uncut pattern repeat measuring 58cm wide x 58cm long. Please see the last photo to see a pattern repeat.
Weight per purchase size: 81g

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut:

One quantity: 58cm wide x 58cm long
Two quantities: 58cm wide x 116cm long
Three quantities: 58cm wide x 174cm long
Four quantities: 50cm wide x 232cm long

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