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Fabric: This is a border print fabric so please note the photos show the fabric horizontally and vertically. This is a lovely quality quilting weight cotton that has a stunning design in bright reds, blues, greens, pinks and purples. It holds its own weight and isn't floppy, at all. The 'waves' section of the fabric is 30cm wide- the rest of the fabric width is floral. Manufactured by Cranston Print Works / The Cloth Company.
Condition: unused, unwashed, feint storage smell.
Width: The fabric is 112cm wide selvedge to selvedge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the half metre measuring 112cm wide x 50cm long.
Weight: 98g per half metre
Price: $12 per half metre

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut:

One quantity: 112cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 112cm wide x 100cm long
Three quantities: 112cm wide x 150cm long
Four quantities: 112cm wide x 200cm long

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