5m LEFT: Spectacular vintage 1950s Calpreta finished embossed cocktail evening cotton


We currently have 20 in stock.
Fabric: I have been loving this fabric for some weeks, but I've decided to sell most of what I have as we are running out of room! I can never go past a magestic rose! It's a spectacular fabric, no doubt about it. There are a number of selvedge printed notes on the underside, but the only two words I can make out is Capreta and Holibain (sp?). Could it have been a Grafton import? It's a light weight cotton with the calpreta gloss and a wonderful embossed allover pattern giving it some stiffness - this would have been dress fabric, so you can imagine what a full skirt would look like with a fabric like this. The blue is incredibly hard to photograph - I have provided a colour sample in the photos of what it's closest to, however it does change colour depending on the light source.

Condition: Unused, unwashed.
Width: The fabric is 88cm wide selvedge to selvedge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the uncut fat quarter measuring 44cm wide x 50cm long.
Weight per purchase size: 40g

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut when you purchase an even quantity:

One quantity: 44cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 88cm wide x 50cm long
Three quantities: 88cm wide x 50cm plus one separate piece 44cm wide x 50cm long
Four quantities: 88cm wide x 100cm long

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