Beautiful white ogee on lustrous gold cotton pillowcase 72cm wide x 46cm long


We currently have 2 in stock.
Fabric: This is some of the most gorgeous pillow case fabric we've ever had in stock. It has a lustre to it and is so crisp. It has a very tight weave - high thread count. It has a white or a very pale yellow ogee pattern overprinted on a golden yellow cotton. Unknown era of manufacture. Selvedge print reads Texspring All Cotton (on one pillowcase and on the sheeting we also have for sale. The best colour representation is in the photo with the white sheet of paper coming in from the side. We have two available - price is per pillow case.
Size: 72cm wide x 46cm long
Condition: Unused, unwashed, crispy new.
Weight per purchase size: 94g

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