TWO PATTERN REPEATS LEFT: Beautiful blue floral arrangement in vase Sanderson linen blend


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Fabric: vintage Sanderson upholstery or heavy drapery fabric - this is mainly linen, but it does have a small cotton and nylon content (for durability). It's a fawn base with a large floral display in a vase - the type of pattern and colours Sanderson is and was famous for.
Condition: unused, unwashed, this fabric does have spots on it (some are pictured) - these spots are throughout the piece and differ to each vase. They are around 2-3mm wide. They may come out with soak or a dry clean. If you want further photos of spots on each pattern repeat let us know..
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the cut pattern repeat measuring 60cm wide x 60cm long. Please note these last two quantities are separate pattern repeats.
Weight per purchase size: 153g

One quantity: 60cm wide x 60cm long
Two quantities: Two pieces, each 60cm wide x 60cm long

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