FOUR QUANTITIES LEFT: Mid-century antique satin with gold and white scroll work on cyan


We currently have 4 in stock.
Fabric: light weight antique satin that was manufactured to look like silk drapery, but is, in fact, a rayon and a synthetic mix. It's slightly stiff as it's never been washed. The front is textured like a raw silk and the rear is a shiny rayon. The design is a gold overprint on a white and cyan base. This is all we could save from a lovely old fabric - at the moment these pieces are in stock - 1 x 112cm wide x 50cm long and 2 x separate fat quarters each 56cm wide x 50cm long. Please note each fat quarter has a different part of the pattern featured.

Condition: Unused, unwashed.
Width: The fabric is 112cm wide selvedge to selvedge.
Purchase size: We are selling this fabric by the uncut fat quarter measuring 56cm wide x 50cm long.
Weight per purchase size: 55g

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut when you purchase an even quantity:

One quantity: 56cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 112cm wide x 50cm long
Three quantities: 56cm wide x 50cm plus one separate piece 56cm wide x 50cm long
Four quantities: see comment in fabric description above.

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