ONE ONLY: Elizabeth Bradley Victorian Flowers Collection 1988 completed Summer Wreath tapestry


We currently have 1 in stock.
Fabric: this amazing tapestry is complete. After evaluating the edges, I think this has been removed from an Elizabeth Bradley Four Seasons Carpet (not an actual carpet!). The Elizabeth Bradley Victorian Flowers Tapestry Collection was released in 1988 and features four motifs - the Spring Basket, the Summer Wreath, the Autumn Cornucopia and the Winter Wreath. The Carpet featured all of the motifs surrounded by an elaborate floral border (see photo). You can still buy kits for each panel for around $300AUD, however I am not sure about the Carpet. This piece is the Summer Wreath. It is thick and heavy - absolute top quality.

Condition: completed, edges are scruffy, as you can see. Some dust from storage. Amazing stitching and in wonderful condition ready for cushions, bags and the like.
Purchase size: around 36cm x 36cm
Weight: 200g

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