ONE ONLY: Vintage 1988 magnificent pure Australiana embroidery 77hrs work 64cm x 40cm


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Item: this amazing vintage embroidery was completed by Gloria Robinson - Bombala, New South Wales - over 77.5hrs from January to February 1989. It celebrates Australia's Bicentenary 1788-1988. There is so much work in this piece - and so much to love! This was framed abysmally, so I've removed it from the frame and it's now ready to find its new home. The photo with Gloria's information was on the original frame and is not included with the embroidery.
Condition: there are some dust marks, but nothing that takes away from the embroidery, in my opinion. If required, it will hold up to a gentle wash as the stitching is in great condition.
Size: the piece is around 64cm wide x 40cm long
Weight: 91g

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