Pop Shop Quad 1 Keith Haring visual one


Fabric: Keith Haring remains one of the most popular street artists of our modern age. You can read about him here and here. In almost 12 years of business we have never come across any accredited fabric released by the Keith Haring Foundation, but amazingly we recently came across some pieces. The pieces we have form the Pop Art Quad 1 released in 1987. There are four components and we have all four in stock at time of listing. This component is two pop figures - one supporting another. The fabric is a light weight cotton polyester with a tight weave.
Condition: These pieces were used in a bedspread but are in fabulous condition. It has the occasional mark or line, but these should come out with a wash. It has the usual printing errors found in all old linen - missing colour spots etc.
Purchase size: This visual is around 34cm wide x 25cm high plus blue border. All visuals have been pre-cut.

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