5m LEFT: Pure retro hippie 1970s braided trim with fringe brown with white 4cm high 1/2m+


We currently have 10 in stock.

Trim: this fabulous trim is straight from the hippie days of the 1970s to you. It's rayon and highly textured  and thick - more than likely manufactured for soft furnishings or even bags or lampshades. The central areas are like a tufted velvet and so soft to the touch. The fringe still has it's original cotton chain to keep it in place - you can either cut the cotton chain off or unravel it. I've photographed both ways for you to see the different effect (it leaves a looped or unlooped fringe). The trim measures 4cm high. We are listing two colourways - this one is brown with white.
Condition: Unused, unwashed. A little dusty in places - this will come out. Mild storage odour.
Purchase size: We are selling this trim by 50cm lengths. If you purchase multiple quantities you'll receive your trim uncut. However, please note this trim is currently on two skeins - one is 2.5m long and the other is 3m long.

Please note most of our trims are old. We check all trims before listing them and will list any faults above. However, sometimes small spots get through our eager eyes, so please keep the age of this product in mind when purchasing.

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