2m LEFT: Vintage Fabric MidCentury 1950s 60s Cold Dress Rayon w/ Floral


We currently have 4 in stock.
Fabric: this is a lovely light weight cold rayon - manufactured for dresses in the 1950s and 60s as it was cheaper than silk. This has a darker cream base (not the white it may show as in the photos) and a painterly floral pattern in bright greens, browns and yellows with black line.

Condition: Unused, unwashed, dusty selvedge areas.
Width: The fabric is 88cm wide selvedge to selvedge.
Purchase Size: We are selling this fabric by the uncut half meter measuring 88cm wide x 50cm long. Please note these last quantities are currently in two cuts, each 1m long, so the most we can send uncut is two quantities.

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut:
One quantity: 88cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 88cm wide x 100cm long

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