1.5m LEFT: Modern Fabric Quilt Cotton 2016 Patty Reed for Fabric Traditions Savannah Hydrangeas


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Fabric: modern quilt cotton. Pattern is called Savannah and it was designed by Patty Reed Designs for Fabric Traditions. It's an amazing hydrangea pattern in rich pinks and blue purples.
Hand/Weight: can hold its own weight, tightly woven, light quilting weight
Fibre: cotton
Era: 2016
Condition: unused, washed, this was stored unfolded so it has some deep creases that will only come out with a wash.
Size: we are selling this fabric by the uncut half meter measuring 108cm wide x 50cm long.

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut (width x height):
One quantity: 108cm x 50cm
Two quantities: 108cm x 100cm

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