Festive Season 2023 Postage Update December 07 2023

Hello all

Firstly - I hope everyone is healthy and happy. This time of year can be a struggle for many, so I am hoping you're well, enjoying the Season and, if not, you are taking care of yourself and simply taking life day-by-day. Please reach out to someone if you're not feeling yourself - whether it be loved ones, friends or a professional service. There is always a voice somewhere when you need to hear one.

Our final day for domestic postage this year is Friday 15 December. This is within Australia Post's cut-off dates for deliveries to arrive before Christmas, but as we all know, delivery times are not guaranteed. The advice is to make purchases as early as possible.

We'll reopen on Thursday 4 January 2024 and will recommence postage on that day. Express Post deliveries will take precedence and then we process by the date of the order received.

I have taken a little breather from daily uploading of new arrivals in the past month, but will return in January with loads of new goodies. I'll also pop in here and update the website when the days aren't so rushed as they usually are in December.

I wish you and yours a wonderful Festive Season or Holiday Season, if you don't celebrate Christmas. May you create wonderful memories with your loved ones you can cherish forever!