1.5m LEFT: Uber Rare MCM 1950s 1960s Embossed White Lustrous Upholstery Vinyl


We currently have 3 in stock.

Fabric: in more than 20 years of business this is the very first time I have come across a length of vintage mid-century chair vinyl in unused condition. This is a classic embossed pattern and it has a slight sheen and there's definitely enough to use for an everyday chair. Even though the fabric is light upholstery weight, it's pliable and the backing is brushed. You can squish this in your hand it's that pliable, but it is definitely only for projects requiring a durable, thicker fabric.
Fibre: mixed
Era: 1950s or 1960s
Condition: unused, unwashed, both selvedges present.
Size: we are selling this fabric by the uncut half metre measuring 138cm wide x 50cm long.
Weight: a whopping 550g per 1/2m

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut:
One quantity: 138cm wide x 50cm long
Two quantities: 138cm wide x 100cm long

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