4m LEFT: Vintage Fabric MCM 1950s Fabulous Dress Rayon w/ Blossoming Trees on Misty Rose


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Fabric: this amazing old rayon fabric is a light weight tightly woven apparel fabric manufactured in the 1950s or so. It's heavier than the usual cold rayon and more resilient. Each half a metre weighs 90g. Plain weave, high shine from the rayon and with the most delightful blossoming trees! As the fabric shines from different directions, it was hard to photograph - but the last photo is colour accurate.
Hand: fluid, can't hold its own weight.
Fibre: burn test indicates rayon
Era: 1950s
Condition: unused, unwashed
Size: we are selling this fabric by the uncut half meter measuring 88cm wide x 50cm long
Weight: 90g per 1/2m

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut (width x height):
One quantity: 88cm x 50cm
Two quantities: 88cm x 100cm

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