3m LEFT: Vintage Brocade Trim 1960s 70s Metallic w/ Flowers in Copper & Blue 25mm Wide


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Trim: divine vintage trim from the 60s or 70s. These original trims are very, very hard to come by. It's a solid light weight pliable trim with flowers, twigs and leaves in coppery lurex thread and blur rayon on a pale silver base. It is 2.5cm/1inch high. The fourth photo shows the front and back.
Condition: Unused, unwashed.
Purchase size: 50cm long. If you purchase multiple meters you'll receive your trim uncut.

Please note most of our trims are old. We check all trims before listing them and will list any faults above. However, sometimes small spots get through our eager eyes, so please keep the age of this product in mind when purchasing.

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