LESS THAN 1.5m LEFT: Chinchilla Cashmere Jacketing Super Soft Woven Luxury Monochrome


We currently have 3 in stock.
Fabric: uber luxe suiting fabric - or jacketing fabric, in this case - that's a mix of chinchilla and cashmere (unfortunately a burn test doesn't confirm the percentage of what's on the selvedge - it's impossible to differentiate between these two cloth types). It is sooooo soft. Light weight, densely woven. The threads are dark grey or black, cream and maroon and dark green - the overall effect is black and white.

Condition: Unused, unwashed, one pin prick along the centre line, some weaving errors and dusty marks.
Width: The fabric is 150cm wide selvedge to selvedge.
Purchase size: we are selling this fabric by the uncut half yard as it seems to be cut by that measurement. The uncut half yard is 150cm wide x 46cm long.
Weight: 200g per 1/2 yard

Multiple quantities purchased will be sent uncut:
One quantity: 150cm wide x 46cm long
Two quantities: 150cm wide x 92cm long

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