SEVEN LEFT: Vintage 1950s made in Switzerland detailed sitting teddy bear applique piece 3.5cm


We currently have 7 in stock.

Item: we have been lucky enough to find an estate collection of very hard to come by vintage 1950s cotton applique pieces made in Switzerland. The detail in some of the pieces is amazing. This listing is for a detailed sitting teddy bear. Price is per piece, as pictured.
Condition: Each piece is different due to their production style - more than likely hand based. Unused, unwashed, lightly glued to backing, may have rogue threads/hairs, the paper may have marks or tears or water discolouration, but the applique is perfect.
Purchase size: this measures 3.5cm high

Please note most of our trims are old. We check all trims before listing them and will list any faults above. However, sometimes small spots get through our eager eyes, so please keep the age of this product in mind when purchasing.

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