LAST PACK: Slow Stitch Mixed Media Pack : Peter Rabbit & Friends : 130 Pieces


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My themed Mixed Media Slow Stitch packs are filled with an abundance of materials for you to create your own individual work of art. They are also perfect as a slow stitch or mixed media stash builder. All you need is a needle, some time, perhaps a hot or cold drink of choice, and your imagination to while away the time stitching.

Pack Information: This pack was created around a single Peter Rabbit remnant I just unboxed. Peter Rabbit delights me, I have to say! I worked around the colourway in the Peter Rabbit pieces, so this pack is very much blue and green based with hints of pink, brown and yellow. I also visualised the characters frollicking in a landscape, so I've also provided leaves, just in case someone can see this, too! Please see the photos to see each piece lovingly selected for this pack and please note each pack has different cuts and pattern placement of the pieces.
Contents: fabric in a range of sizes and patterns, embellishments, trim, embroidery floss, tapestry wool, mixed beads, mixed buttons. Please see the last photo for a comprehensive list of what's included in the pack.
History: Everything is unused and new save for the buttons which may have been used in a previous project.
Pack Size: 130 pieces

My packs are all limited edition as I create them with the fabric stock I have. I either die cut or rotary cut the fabrics, so there will be threads! I curate each pack until the collection feels 'just right', as I want you, the creator, to receive piees you can use together or separately. Each pack is also packaged and can be given as gifts. Please note each pack is different with pattern placements and the cuts I make.

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