Christmas 2017 and fabric identification December 16 2017

Hello fabric lovers

I hope you're all well and not too frazzled leading up to Christmas. I am frazzled as I failed to plan this year. Next year will be the year of planning as I am hopeless with time management (insert rolling eyes emoji).

We will remain open throughout December and January but it will be on an ad-hoc basis. As many of you know, we are parents and that means school holidays with two boys in tow. It means late night Star Wars cinema visits, beach days and bright orange sunsets viewed from the water. It also means I get even more frazzled as I have less time to myself (being the introvert I am, I love my 'me' time). I am not one of those calm school holidays Mums, I can tell you.

I thought I would beef up this blog a little, too. In an effort to pass down my knowledge I have gained over the 15 years of Retro Age, I am going to feature fabric types and weaves. The information will largely come from my collection of American Fabrics magazines. I have realised in recent months there is limited knowledge out in general fabric land regarding the names of certain vintage fabrics so I thought I'd copy from the source so you can learn, too. 

Have a fabulous Festive Season


6.5" scrap packs coming your way! July 26 2017

If you've followed Retro Age Vintage Fabrics for some time you would know we have done a small selection of scrap packs through the years - ranging from mid-century ones way back in 2008, right to the rainbow vintage sheeting packs we presented in 2016.

Now that our entire fabric inventory is out of storage we can get back to creating our scrap packs and they will shortly arrive on the website. Our first range has been produced with vintage sheeting, mostly from the 1970s. These packs are mostly purple colourway and our first release is the 6.5" scrap size. Each pack will have nine 6.5" squares, giving you around 50cm x 50cm of combined fabric.

Our vintage sheeting packs will just be one part of the range. We'll also have mid-century, retro, polished cotton or chintz, antique, barkcloth and modern. 

More to come.


Preview fabric sale listings June 28 2015

We have so much fabric we've had to find more of a streamlined way of getting it onto the website and Instagram. We've created a new collection to the website to get the fabric up to you ASAP. We've called it Preview Fabric Sales.

As the fabric is unpacked in the studio we're taking a quick snap shot and measuring it. We'll then get this photo onto the website and Instagram with a price and you can buy from either site. After around a week or so (all going well), we'll book this fabric into our business system and put it on the main website pages and will sell it for our usual uncut fat quarters.