4.5m LEFT: Vintage? Cotton Trim w/ Woven Pale Grey Edging & Flowers 45mm/25mm Wide


We currently have 9 in stock.

Item: I am unsure if this is a vintage trim or not, but a couple of metres I had to remove did have age spots. This has a lovely pale grey flower with matching edging and is light weight cotton.
Width: the whole trim is around 45mm wide from the top to the very bottom - the grey area is 25mm wide.
Condition: unused, unwashed
Purchase Size: We are selling this by the uncut half metre length. Multiple quantities purchased are sent uncut.

We are not haberdashery experts, but we're eager learners and doing out very best to accurately describe these pieces.  We sell our trims and laces by the 1/2m to cater for crafters who only need smaller pieces, but multiple quantities purchased are sent uncut (unless specified otherwise). Please note most of our trims and laces are old. We check all items before listing them and will list any faults above. However, sometimes small spots get through our eager eyes, so please keep the age of this product in mind when purchasing. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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