Covid-19 Announcement March 23 2020

Hello all

Never in a million dreams did we see this coming. But Covid-19 is here and is changing the world, so change with it we must until our scientists can eradicate it.

We are located in Victoria, Australia. While Australia is governed by a Federal Parliament, we also have States that are controlled by local governments. Therefore, both Prime Minister (Federal) and Premier (State) can bring in new laws to guide us through this virus nightmare.

At the moment, Australia is operating with necessary business only. Retail is still (mostly) open, but our social side of cafes, sporting clubs etc have all been shutdown or heavily reduced to take-away only.

Australia Post is deemed a necessary business. However, that may change in the coming weeks. If we are put into lock-down, we will be unable to leave our homes and Australia Post (among a plethora of business) will cease to operate.

Retro Age will keep open if/until that time happens. If it does indeed happen, I've also decided to keep the website open, even though I won't be able to post. You'll be able to purchase during this time, if you wish (or simply just look at the pretty photos), but I won't be able to get your order to you until Australia Post re-opens. For the latest domestic Australia Post information visit this page.

International deliveries are already being delayed due to the various Covid-19 restrictions put in place in each country. For the most up-to-date Australia Post information regarding your country visit this page.

Shopify, our website host, is also offering gift card usage to all businesses. It's one of Shopify's ways to help 'flatten the curve'. We've activated our gift cards here. They are fully digital and are a lovely way to brighten someones day in this current grey world.

More than anything else - I extend my sincerest wish for your perfect health in the coming months. I hope you and your loved ones are able to stay safe and weather these coming weeks with minimal impact to your health and wellbeing. If you find things too much, please don't forget to contact your local mental health agencies and advocates and don't hesitate to contact your local medical services should you show feel ''not right'. We're all in this together and, as a race, we'll get through this one day at a time.

With much love,