Postage Price Updates July 04 2023

Hello all

I am sitting here in the studio, nice and snug with a little heater and surrounded by luscious fabrics and haberdashery. One of my favourite places.

Unfortunately I have had to evaluate my postage charges as Australia Post raised their prices by 10% at the start of this month. What a horrendous raise at such a trying time for so many! Everywhere I look prices just seem to go up and up. Surely there will be an end to all of this sooner rather than later??

When prices of services go up it seems a business has three options. One is for the business to absorb the costs. The second is to raise our prices to meet the prices of the service. And the third is to increase our product prices.

As a small business my main objective is to offer you fabrics and haberdashery at at very competitive prices that also give me a little profit to keep the business going. It's been almost 20 years of this objective driving Retro Age. I try and keep the prices low and so many of you keep on coming back to take advantage of those prices and my service. Unfortunately I have seen awful prices on other social media and selling sites and have to ask myself how these sellers are able to sleep at night. Anyway - that's another story unto itself!

Rather than raise my prices across the board I have decided to raise my postage prices. This ensures my product pricing remains competitive and you only get 'one' price increase rather than increases on all products in your order. The new postage prices are listed here.

I am so very sorry I just couldn't absorb the postage increases. I can't even remember the last time I've changes my postage prices, so hopefully it's just as long until the next time.

Stay safe and enjoy your creativity!