Hello to 2022! January 04 2022

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope the start of the year has been one of good health and joy for you all. Times of trial (as Anne of Green Gables loved to say) are still upon us, but the breath of a new year and new beginnings do make the days brighter.

I have returned to work today and am focusing on processing all of the orders from just before Christmas and over the New Year period. I should have everything posted by Thursday, at the latest. I will return to 'normal' days next Monday and will be uploading new stock from then.

There is one big change I will making this year and that is how I am offering the fabric for sale. I will no longer be offering uncut fat quarters (just the single ones should I come across them) and will now be selling in uncut half meter cuts. I will slowly be updating old listings and the price, of course, will reflect the minimum half meter cut. I will be launching more fabric packs over the coming months so there will be smaller pieces (some rare pieces including couture) for those of you who work with fat quarters or smaller.

All the best for a wonderful sewing year!